Mods » SA Song Retrieval Mod

Date: 26.12.2013

Мод возвращает в игру вырезанные в мобильной версии треки

Download SA Song Retrieval Mod

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Removed song list according to radiostation file names:

CH - Playback (Classic HipHop)
       Critical Beatdown

CR - K-DST (Classic Rock)
       Running Down A Dream
       Woman To Woman

DS - Bounce FM (Disco Soul)
       You Dropped A Bomb On Me
       Yum Yum
       Running Away

MR - Radio X (Modern Rock)
       Killing in the Name of

MH - Radio Los Santos (Modern HipHop)
       I Don't Give A Fuck
       Express Yourself

RE - K-Jah (Reggae)
       Ring My Bell
       Don't Let It Go To Your Head

RG - Master Sounds (Rare Groove)
       Express Yourself
       Rock Creek Park
       Soul Power '74
       The Payback